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Next Nascar weekend...


I think you all need to save a little extra money and when everyone comes down for the race I think we should have a race of our own....check this site out...hehe


OMG am I reading that right only $25 for a race?

I am in for sure........ :)

LOL yeah it's a bit expensive, but these are real go carts....I think they hit like 40 something mph...hehe

There is another go cart place that has a ton of different little cars and little tracks...it's here: http://www.lvmgp.com/

But I think us big kids would have more fun at the first one I posted....course if everyone can't afford it or doesn't feel it's worth it we can go to the smaller one....but shit I thought it would be so much fun to have some actual races...like we are playing PGR for real....sad thing is they don't let us spin each other out or pin each other into walls...course Lee ignored that....LOL

A bit expensive I hope you were joking I think thats good value for money, I just wonder how long a race is?


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