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This post is mainly for Mama...Hi mama...we know that you are new to the league and most of us have been in it for a few years so we are rather used to it.  I thought that I would explain and tell you a few things here so that way you aren't surprised or go what the heck?!

First and most important...you need to pick new drivers for every race...you do have a deadline to do this...normally it is Friday morning 2am Pacific Time.  After the deadline you can still go in and move your drivers around.  So if you like the way someone qualified better than someone else you can swap them, but you cannot pick different drivers than the ones you have...you can only choose between the guys on your bench and the active ones.

Another important fact to remember...you can only pick one driver 9 time throughout the whole year...so you really want to be sure that you only pick drivers that you truly believe are going to win that race...as you know JR is my favorite driver and if I could I would pick him for every race, but that will not get me points in this league as we all know he just will not be winning every single race.  So try to space them out and put in the best drivers for the best races when you think it's right.

This is a luck game...there is no way to tell how good a driver is going to do...if an engine is going to blow or if they get caught in a wreck so don't put too much pressure on yourself...this is all just for fun anyway!

There are a few things on the fantasy page to help you pick drivers if you have no idea who might do good there or who might really not do good there.  When you are in the section to pick your team there are a few very little blue links towards the top left that say Preview / Expert Picks / Race Notes.  Normally the preview and race notes will not be there until much closer to the race, but sometimes the Expert Picks are done early in the week...sometimes they aren't though.  Normally we all wait to change our teams until Wed or Thurs, by then the helpful links are good.

Expert Picks will take you to a page where three so called experts make their picks...so you can see who they think will do good at that race...it also shows you the over all percentage or the most popular drivers that the over all yahoo fantasy players have picked for that week.  I know a few people use this page a great deal and it really works for them...I am not so lucky with picking the right drivers based off of that, but that is ok...as I said this is a luck game so pretty much anything you do will be just as good as the next person.

There are also stats that can be looked up...nascar.com and msn.com have some good nascar stats where you can see an over all picture of who does good at the track they are at for that week and you might be able to make a good guess that way.

C list drivers are tricky and you need to be careful with them.  C list are for the more unknown drivers...the less popular would probably be a better word for them.  They don't have the massive sponsors or the big teams...they truly have to race in order to even get into the race and a lot of them don't even make it...this is why I say you need to be careful.  There are a few C list drivers that are from bigger teams and they will not have to race so hard to get into the races...such as Paul Menard, Bobby Labonte, David Gilliland, and David Regan...there are a few more, but when you go into your C list and look at the list of drivers you can see how many races that driver has actually done so far this year...that way you have a better chance of actually picking a driver that will for sure be in the race.

Now since you can only use a driver 9 times for the whole season always putting in a C list driver that is for sure going to be in the race is not always a good idea...what I like to do (if I want someone that has to race their way in) is pick one driver I know will be in the race and then my back up guy will be the one that has to race their way in.  Now here you also need to be careful...if you have to make sure you go back in and check your team after qualifying on Fridays...if one of your drivers have a N/A next to their name that means they did not make it into the race and there for you will not get any points for them.  So be sure to switch them out with a driver that will be in the race.

I also try my hardest to come in here on Wed or Thurs and post reminders to set your team so if you have a hard time remembering to set your team then here is another helpful tip...when you first click on the NASCAR section and before you get into any of the actual posts click on the little button in the upper right hand corner that says Notify.  This will send you an e-mail every time a post is made in this section...then when I make the reminder post you will be reminded straight away.

So far this season you have been doing really good and normally I wouldn't be going through all this for anyone else, but I have noticed that there have been a lot of weeks that you could have had more points and could possibly be up at that top fighting for first.  Your C list is killing you though...so be careful k...the season is super long and you still have plenty of time to walk away with your first fantasy trophy!!  Trust me...I know...last year I was in dead last for a good 5 weeks and then I ended up walking away with first!

Also...remember...we have all been doing this for years so if you need help just haller!  Even if you need some suggestions...I will do my best to give you my best opinions...I promise!  I already got the trophy once I am not greedy enough to tell someone BS just to get it again!!

Anyway, hope that helps you and good luck!  Everyone is super close in points already so this is promising to be a very fun and exciting year!

Hey mama if you need any help on how to be at the bottom of the league you know where to come LOL LOL

Seriously though Tonks has explained the way it works very well but please please ask if you are unsure, after all how boring would it be if those that joined did not take part, so make sure you set your team each week and good luck to you :)


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