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My Trip to see mom May 2011


Well I thought I would post up here some piccys that I took on my phone of my recent trip over to see mom.

I was lucky enough (ummmm well I think I was.....LOL) that mom wanted me to take her to see a friend of her's so of course I said no problem, the only thing she did not tell me was that they were going to walk around a flower show (sooooo not for me......LOL) but as I got to spend time with mom who was I to complain.

Actually the town was very nice and the flower show was peoples own flowers displayed around the town and in their own homes, while the flowers did not really interest me the old town did.

As you can see it was a lovely day and there was quite a turn out.

Once a year the people from the town put these costumes on and parade throuhg the town.

Now why this was on display I have no idea, but as you can see underwear was part of the show but god knows why......LOL

Some of the old style houses in the town are amazing, and I would love to live in any or these, course with all my mod cons though....LOL

Well I did have a great time walking around the town and looking at the lovely old style town and houses, and of course spending time with mom.

Thank you...those pictures are amazing!!  Totally beautiful...makes me want to go even more!!  Though the underwear was a bit weird....LMFAO

 @};-  Gosh Ian those are fantastic pics, and a wonderful town.  I love how close together the places are built.  It looks Beautiful and I am glad that you had the chance to spend time with your Mum.


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