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Well, as you all know...or at least I think you all know...I am up in Post Falls Idaho right now and have been doing some work on our new house...with the help of my Aunt Donna, my mom and my step dad.  Anyway, I promised to show some pictures of the work we have done so far...so here they are!

First this is our new stove...when we bought the house there was none and it was the responsibility of the seller to get one in there so of course they got us a cheap one, but it's new...it works and I think it will be just fine for us...hehe

Now here is a pic of my Aunt Donna weed whacking all the weeds we had!!  As you can tell from the pic the weeds were so bad and so high they reached our hips!

Here it is all finished...of course we are going to be tearing the whole ground up and planting some new grass and even put in some flower beds, but that is going to take some time!

Now my mom took some pictures of the house before, but she didn't get a picture of the little work area in the garage so I took a picture...hehe

This is my pretty Lilac bush in the back yard...we haven't cut down all the weeds back there yet, but the bush is staying...I love it!!

Here is my new entertainment unit...the TV will be over there after the 24th...I can't wait!

My master bathroom

here is a close up of the thing hanging on the wall...it's something my mum made for my grandparents years and years ago, but it matches my bathroom really good...hehe

Here is the new shower curtain in my guest bathroom...now if you didn't know...the bathroom walls are blue and have a seashell border, so I think this fits rather well and I think Ginny is going to love it!

Now here is my son (Lee) bedroom!  I had to paint those damn black squares it was a total pain in my ass and gave me 4 bruises so he better love it!!

Well that's pretty much it for now...I will post more as we go!

The house is beging to look like a real home, I am sure you and more importantly the kids will settle in really really well.

Thanks for posting these up ;)

Thank you...I am very excited and loving the house more and more each day!

Yesterday mom and I went to a few garage sales and found some more goodies for the bathrooms so I will post up some pictures of our finds...we also made new curtains for Lee's room and hung up some flags and mom painted his name on the wall so I will show you pictures of that as well.  Today we aren't going to do too much work over there...hang up a few more things on the walls, maybe do a little yard work, but today we are going to be chilling and watching the race...I sure hope it will be a good one!!

Little candle holder I found for the guest bathroom...cost $0.25 (loving the price...hehe)

Little jewelry box I found to match our master bathroom...also $0.25

Pretty little things to hang on the wall...$0.20 for both

And finally Lee's room...I will probably have another picture to add later today as we will be hanging up the new shelves we found for $0.50

OK so I have a couple more pictures of the bathrooms...I bought some pretty yummy smelly stuff...first the master and then the guest bathroom.

And here is the shelf thing we bought for Lee's room

OK here are the before pictures...of the whole house...I told C I would post them up for him...hehe

Front of the house...(by the way we are going to be painting the trim...we haven't decided between green or black yet)

Side looking towards the backyard (there is a shed on the other side and we are going to put up a new fence and make the backyard bigger by moving the fence up on the side of the house.)

Dining Room

Guest Bathroom

Master Bathroom

Master Bedroom

Girls Bedroom

Laundry Room


Lee's Room

Kitchen (before the stove)


Looking out back (before my slider was shattered)


Living room

So there you have it...cute huh...hehe...I am loving it and day by day it's feeling more and more like a home...it will be great when we have all our stuff and of course once C and the kids and cats are all here!!


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