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I didn't know where to post this, so you can move it if you wanna.

Is anyone getting Halo 4? It's supposed to release some time this year. I started reminiscing about when we used to play together as a clan and thought of how fun it'd be if we started doing that again. Shawn and I were talking about letting Michael play with us too. He's still learning about teamwork and fighting/defending smart, but he's amazed the hell out of me with his driving and sniping skills.

OMG you remembered we had a put this in the perfect spot...hehe

Of course we will be getting Halo 4...we have all the Halos and won't stop now...hehe...I look forward to gaming with you guys again and I also look forward to see how much ass my nephew kicks!

Sweet! I think we have all of them, too, but I stopped giving a shit around ODST. Then when they added that feature where you could either fly or run fast, I was so clueless I just plain gave up. But Michael wanted to play Reach so bad, it taught me stuff and now I'm feeling confident again. I'm sure I'll have my ass handed to me in no time. :)

I will also be there and welcome to the site LMAO

Of course you will! Someone's gotta drive the turrets -er- turret queen. ;P


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